20 Game Changers In History (Series 2); by Patrick Marcus

Want to learn about the most INSPIRING figures in history, without the information overload? Then keep reading.

Whether it’s the Greatest: Military Leaders, Flawed Geniuses, Religious Leaders, Polar Explorers, Revolutionaries, or Ground-Breaking Scientists… this book has what you need. Add in the most notable Ancient Philosophers, Emperors, Musicians, Artists, Con-Artists, and more—and there is someone here for everyone.

The List of Historical Figures Includes:

Nikola Tesla

Carl Jung

Marcus Aurelius

Prophet Muhammad

Roald Amundsen

Miyamoto Musashi

Napoleon Bonaparte

Ragnar Lothbrok

Nelson Mandela

Anne Frank

Frank Abagnale

Victor E Frankl

Charles Darwin

Georges Lemaitre


Marie Curie


Ludwig van Beethoven

Rosa Parks


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