Link Takes a Stand: A Story about Bullying - How a Little Dinosaur Stopped a Bully and Made New Friends (Mindset Magic) by Anders Grit (Author), Vivi Grit (Author)

Embark on a magical journey with Link, the little dinosaur, as he stands up against bullying and makes new friends. This empowering anti-bullying book for kids teaches essential life lessons, fostering kindness, resilience, and empathy. With captivating storytelling and valuable resources, it's a must-read for parents, educators, and children alike. Join the Mindset Magic journey and unleash the power of a Growth Mindset!


  1. Link Takes a Stand is a captivating narrative childrens book that gracefully explores the theme of bullying and offers powerful life lessons to young readers. My Daughter absolutely loved it.

    Through the enchanting tale of Link, a lovable dinosaur navigating through new friendships and experiences, this book manages to touch hearts and inspire courage.

    With a seamless blend of fun and educative elements, the story does an excellent job of introducing new vocabulary to children while at the saem time encouraging intriguing conversations around important topics.

    What truly stands out in this narrative is the beautiful illustration of resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

    Each page of the book takes readers on a thrilling ride with Link, leading to a heartwarming conclusion that demonstrates his triumph over adversity.

    Link Takes a Stand is an impressive tale that goes beyond entertainment, serving as a guiding light for young readers on the path of courage, self-esteem, and kindness. Its heartwarming narrative, engaging characters, and insightful life lessons make it a valuable addition to every child's bookshelf.

    This is a splendid read that children will undoubtedly treasure and wish to revisit repeatedly. An easy five stars for this remarkable tale of friendship and empowerment!

  2. Having known bullying at school myself, I recognize that feeling of helplessness when faced with others who do not seem to respect you for who you are.
    Having tools, Having knowledge about this can really help children have the confidence to take a stand and not start feeling inadequate because others do not respect you. This book is a very useful tool to allow children to be prepared for this, and having a magic mindset is always useful, at whatever point you are in your life!
    Kudos to the authors!

  3. Growing up extremely shy and introverted, I faced daily challenges at school and I was often bullied. This book would have been a great tool for me. I highly recommend it for any child who is being bullied. I also recommend it to teachers who want to open the discussion in their classroom.




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